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our CEO


My name is Ramiro Jimenez and I’m de CEO of A-1 Reglazing, I have been in the Reglazing industry for more than 23 years.


Here at A-1 Reglazing, we have worked on thousands of projects from refinishing kitchens to reglazing full bathrooms.


Over the years we have come across some of the most incredible deterioration cases you can find in tubs, bathroom sinks, kitchen counters and sinks and yet, we have always managed to restore the beauty and esthetic that make them look as good as new.


We have also used many different materials, looking for the most durable and safe materials that can give our customers the most promising of jobs of good quality and affordable.

Your bathtubs,kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and kitchen countertops are in good hands with us, that is for sure.

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